TALMAR Gardens expanded last season to include growing produce to our already existing cut flower venue.  All of the vegetables are grown using the exact organic practices that we use in growing our specialty cut flowers. TALMAR Gardens currently has five acres that houses a three acre field to grow our specialty cut flowers and an additional one and one-half acres,where we have planted strawberries and raspberries and vegetables. We have five tunnel houses used to have earlier and extended harvests beyond the fall growing season.  Join our memberships! We provide shares of produce distributed weekly and also have a similar membership whereby one can receive a bunch (small, medium or large) of beautiful seasonal cut flowers each week.  Our flower membership and the CSA membership (Community Supported Agriculture) run for a minium of six months from May/June through October.

TALMAR began the “Fields to Meals” program two seasons ago whereby we  donated over 1700 pounds of produce to The Harford and Baltimore County food banks, three soup kitchens and several local church food pantries. This season, TALMAR will continue our donation programs to  directly support  VETERANS in collaboration with nearby agencies that support  our troops. JOIN our membership programs NOW to assist us with our efforts.  REMEMBER that the proceeds go directly to the veterans and to support of our programs and services that provide HORTICULTURAL THERAPY and VOCATIONAL TRAINING and education to people of all ages and abilities! .

Please take the time to visit our website to acquaint yourself with our organization. We are located inside Cromwell Valley Park on the eastern side known as the ECK property. You can see our greenhouses from Cromwell Bridge Road. The TALMAR Gardens staff work with individuals of all ages and abilities providing education, vocational skills and horticultural therapy. Our flowers are sold to Wegmans, several Mars grocery stores, area retail and wholesale florists and we also sell at local farmers markets. We design our flowers for weddings and other events and have established a reputation for what we grow, it’s quality and variety and our attention to consumer satisfaction. It will be our continued goal for our members to be satisfied with both the quality of quantities of their weekly shares while  providing  a solid quantity and diversity of harvests each week!

If you decide to support the concept of local sustainable produce, grown by EXPERIENCED farmers, please open the attached word document, fill it out and send the form along with a check to TALMAR Gardens at 1994 Cromwell Bridge Road, Baltimore, MD 21234 (We also accept Visa credit cards-call for more information).

Thank you for your support in this endeavor! We look forward to a bountiful harvest. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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